Our Story

The Urban Municipal Administrators Association of Saskatchewan (UMAAS) had its beginning in the mid-1950’s as a result of Town Clerks in the western part of Saskatchewan getting together informally to discuss items of mutal interest. In 1955, this group began the process of forming an association and in 1956, with the unanimous support of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), began working on a constitution and membership drive. The Association was officially formed in 1957 with 22 members and an Executive consisting of a President, Secretary Treasurer and six directors representing the six districts of the province.

In 1964, the Association along with the Provincial Government established standards and examinations to increase the members’ proficiency, knowledge and skill with respect to the performance of the professional duties. They also established an education program for persons who apply for membership in the Association.

The Association has experienced a steady growth in membership since its inception in 1957 to a present membership in excess of 350 members throughout the province. As well, the Association has gained professional status with the passing of the “Urban Municipal Administrators Act” in 1981.

At present the Association is governed by a twelve-member Board. The officers consist of a President, Vice-President, three ex-officio members and seven Directors, one for each of the seven districts of the Province whose boundaries are identical to those established by SUMA. The ex-officio members include the Past President of the Association, the president of SUMA and a representative from the associate members.

Through the years the Association has established a good working relationship with SUMA and various Provincial Government departments.

The UMAAS of today is faced with a challenging and increasingly complex field. The Association is confident that these challenges will be met as effectively today as they have in the past.