2023 UMAAS Convention – Presentations
Advisory Services and Municipal Relations – Public Disclosure Statements
Conflict and Disclosure Guide (June 2023) (S1879879xA0A6C)
Developing your political acuity 20230608
Emergency Measures Organization Process
Improving council-staff relations 20230608
MLDP – Innovative programs designed to strengthen local government leadership in urban, rural, and northern Saskatchewan
SaskPolytech – Municipal Admin Diploma

Community Planning Workshop Fall 2022
Community Planning Workshop Fall 2022- Registration Form
Planning 101 – October 2022

2022 UMAAS Convention – Presentations
CCASK- UMAAS- Travelodge-2022-06-10
George Cuff:
Audit Questions Municipality Current
Tpes of Governance Questions v02

Local Government Election Workshop Information – WEBINAR (March 2020)
Local Government Election Workshop Information – WEBINAR
Local Gov’t Election Workshop 2020 – Slide Presentation

In the Door, Out the Door Link (March 2020)
In the Door, Out the Door: A User’s Guide to Processing Access to Information Requests under FOIP and LAFOIP, is available at the following link (under 2. Types of Training):

ISC/LA FOIP Workshop Presentations (Nov 2019)
2019-09-05_UMAAS-RMAA LA FOIP Workshop
2019-09-05_UMAAS-RMAA LA FOIP Workshop PDF
OLS – Registering and Discharging a Tax Lien
RMAA-UMAA Fall 2019
How to Submit a Tax Lien

Back to Basics Workshops (March 2019)
Information – Back to Basics Workshop
Registration Form – Back To The Basics
Web Portal RMAA MySAMA Presentation

Free 10 Minute Trainers (March 2019)
Free 10 Minute Trainers can help improve your citizen service

  • The Ministry of Government Relations reminds municipalities to take advantage of 10 Minute Trainers – a free online training tool to help expand the knowledge of councillors and administrators.
  • The 10 Minute Trainers include short videos and questions designed to engage municipalities in discussions about local issues. The informative training, which can be facilitated by administration, can be easily completed as a group before or after a council meeting to be efficient with busy schedules.  
  • The first 10 Minute Trainers module online is about council procedures bylaws. It focuses on everything from special meetings and the minimum numbers of council members required for a vote to pass, to dealing with delegations and committees.
  • Ten Minute Trainers can be found at:
  • For more information, contact the Ministry of Government Relations at 306-787-4984 or patrick.chastel2@gov.sk.ca

Asset Management Presentation Material – Collins Barrow & Munisoft (Dec 2018)
Collins Barrows – Resources
Collins Barrow – PowerPoint
Collins Barrow – TCA Asset Register – Template – CB Modified.xlsm
Munisoft – PW-PO-Asset Management

Asset Management (Dec 2018)
Webinars & Workshops – Asset Management Saskatchewan (AM-SK)

Municipal Asset Management – Developing an Asset Management Strategy (Dec 2018)
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Convention Presentations 2015-2016
Contact Tania or Tauna at SUMA for any SUMA Presentations at 525-3727 or email: suma@suma.org
Laurie Anne Rusnak Council vs Manager Roles
2016-Privacy Legislation LAFOIP Jenna Orban
2016-Presentation How Is Your Recreation Board Doing
2016-How Is Your Recreation Board Doing
2016-Council vs Manager Roles Laurie Anne Rusnak
2015-Seminar Employment Contracts
2015-SAMA Presentation to UMAAS
2015-Govt Relations Everything you Didnt Learn in LGA Presentation
2015-Govt Relations Assessment Taxation
2015-Dave Siegal Leaders in the Shadows Qualities of Successful CAOs
2015-Completing a School Liability Statement
2015-AON Presentation Slips Trips Falls Construction Design Guidelines