2022 UMAAS Convention – Presentations

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In the Door, Out the Door Link

In the Door, Out the Door: A User’s Guide to Processing Access to Information Requests under FOIP and LAFOIP, is available at the following link (under 2. Types of Training): https://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/training-and-workshops/access-and-privacy-training-course-for-saskatchewan-executive-government

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ISC/LA FOIP Workshop Presentations

2019-09-05_UMAAS-RMAA LA FOIP Workshop 2019-09-05_UMAAS-RMAA LA FOIP Workshop PDF MapSearch_TrainingDocInternal OLS - Registering and Discharging a Tax Lien RMAA-UMAA Fall 2019 How to Submit a Tax Lien

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 Free 10 Minute Trainers can help improve your citizen service The Ministry of Government Relations reminds municipalities to take advantage of 10 Minute Trainers – a free online training tool to help expand the knowledge of councillors and administrators. The 10 Minute Trainers include short videos and questions designed to [...]

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